Summer 2011

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Written by Ed Power
Illustrated & animated by
Melissa DeJesus

Santa’s home is under attack. Dracula has decided with its 6 full months of darkness that the North Pole would make a perfect headquarters for he and his minions. He’s gathered an army of the world’s most famous monsters to evict Christmas Town’s current residents.

The original 8 pages were made for Zuda online, and the the animation was made as a trailer for another contest online.

Currently SvD is in the works with a publisher.


This animation was done within a period 4 weeks for a holiday contest over at Aniboom The layout came directly from the comic but had to include scenes with Dracula that were not in the initial 8 pages.

Credit also go to the guys over at Chromaengine for their help:
Roberto Flores, for animation, voice, sfx, and editing.
Albert Li, for animation and techincal assistance, and voice
Sean Callahan, for voice
Alex Shum, for providing music

Written by Ed Power
Illustrated by Melissa DeJesus

My Cage was a King features Syndicate newspaper comic strip that ran from May 2007 to October 2010. The strip is about a 20 something year old Platypus, Norm, who strives to become a freelance writer while trying not to root himself in an office day job. The strip follows Norm on his day to day life, with his fiance Bridget, pet amoeba, Squishy and all of his friends and co-workers.
My Cage is currently re-running online at

My Cage: Year One
2010, 214 pages, black and white
ISBN: 1449942512

A collection of all the My Cage comic strips for the first year in syndication.

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Twin Cities Public Television
Educational video on the study of Plant Genomes and how it can improve agriculture today.

For more information visit:
Plant Genome Secrets
Twin Cities Public Television
Cotton Animation
Animated segment on the cotton genome.

Animation assistance:
Roberto Flores
Albert Li

Potato Animation
Animated segmant on the study of potato blight and it's affects.

Animation assistance:
Roberto Flores
Albert Li

Sokora Refugees
Written by Segamu
Art by Melissa DeJesus
Published by TokyoPop

When a young under-acheiver meets the new kid in class, he magically transports her to the world of Sokora believing she'll save his world from impending doom. Little does he know that she rather be back at school failling her class than to help him save Sokora. Sokora Refugees is a fantasy comedy for anyone who rather be left alone than to deal with problems of others.

Currently, there are no plans to publish volume 3.

Volume 1
2005, 192 pages
ISBN: 1595327363

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Volume 2
2006, 192 pages
ISBN: 1598165518

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Melissa DeJesus
Queens, New York

Mel was born and raised in Queens, New York. She studied cartooning in Art & Design High School and animation at The School of Visual Arts. Mel also taught cartooning to children for several years at a local community college in Queens, teens at Hostos Community College in the Bronx, and substituted a senior portfolio class at The School of Visual Arts.

While not slaving over her desk buried in work, Mel likes to play video games and paint model kits...which isn't very often.

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